Noble’s Pride

A brother Shriner has a copy of Noble's Pride on the right rear door of his semi-trailer. He has reported that at every truck stop he has stopped or parks where the rear of the trailer can be seen, people have taken pictures of the poster and many have made comments about the excellent care their child or a child they have known has received at one of the Shrine Hospitals or burn centers. Over 500,000 children have been helped at no cost what so ever to their families through the Shrine Hospitals.


Noble's Pride has received two Governors Commendations from Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and a Citation from the Oklahoma Legislature and numerous letters from Masonic, Consistory and Shrine brothers from the Blue Lodge to dignitaries in all the appendage bodies of our fraternities across the nation. All twenty-two of the Shrine hospitals have a signed copy of Noble Pride on their walls.

Noble's Pride is the perfect gift for any Shriner, be that Shriner a father, husband, grandfather, brother, son or novice candidate. Noble's Pride can be inscribed with the Shriner's name, Temple name and the date he was created a noble. Noble's Pride will be a gift that any noble can display with pride.

     Noble's Pride is also available on weather resistant, seamless vinyl in various sizes up to 27" x 36". This is excellent to apply to a truck, van or trailer for an informative decoration that tells what the Shrine philanthropy is all about.

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Nobles Pride


8 1/2" x 11" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard $ 9.95 ____ ____
Nobles Pride


11" x 14" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard $11.95    
Nobles Pride
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weather resistant, seamless vinyl in various sizes up to 27" x 36" Call  

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