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We provide that "extra" special touch for a special moment in your life. We want to help you remember your special day. Our Gallery is the place to look for a variety of artwork, poetry, audio and video tapes and books - all at affordable prices. To see a "Full Page Preview", simply click on one of the links below.

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My Brethren all, 

I wrote Honored Warrior in honor of my two grandsons,

Daniel and Paolo, two proud Marines. CLICK HERE

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Badge of Honor
The Cornerstone
Gentle Strength
A Long Journey Home
To My Daughter
Through My Quill
Noble Pride
Journey To The Holy Land
The Old Master
Fraternal Brothers
The Rose Garden
Have you Ever
The Blue Slipper
My Brother
My Son

Memories of
Days Past
Forever Seven

NOTE: These poetic renditions are available in shrink wrap on sturdy cardboard backing. "Noble Pride" is also available in a weather resistant, seamless vinyl in various sizes up to 27" x 36".


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