Gentle Strength


     Women have always played an important role in life. Whether a friend, sister, mother or wife. Their jobs they just do, no questions asked. They try to make life easier on someone else. And (this) is how women who served in the war. We salute you with pride and honor that you could have, would have and some did, die for our country, oh, how beautiful our land. Thank you to all women-kind for being there in times of despair, need and courage to comfort, share and if necessary, guide our fallen men in combat.

9 Gentle Strength

8 1/2" x 11" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard  S&H $2.00 $ 5.00 ____ ____
10 Gentle Strength

11" x 14" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard  S&H $2.00 $ 7.00 ____ ____

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