Badge of Honor


Badge of Honor is a tribute to law enforcement in all fields, be they FBI, CIA, Protectors of the President in office, special investigators, detectives or the patrol person on their beat. This poster exemplifies the efforts of good and honorable men and women in law enforcement. Many law enforcement personnel across the nation have adorned the walls of their offices, homes and fraternal lodges with the framed and matted copy of Badge of Honor.

Badge of Honor has received a commendation from the Governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating and a citation from the Oklahoma State Legislature honoring the men and women across the nation in law enforcement.

1 Badge of Honor


8 1/2" x 11" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard   S&H $4.00 $ 9.95 ____ ____
2 Badge of Honor

11" x 14" color, shrink wrapped on sturdy cardboard    S&H $5.00 $ 11.95 ____ ____

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